We are creating new markets and new types of activities.

Nanomaterials, nanoelectronics and additive technologies are the key thematic focus of NWTTC's projects.

The NWTTC portfolio includes projects:

ArcticTex company is a developer and manufacturer of heating modules based on electrically conductive fabrics.


Company specializes in the development and production of electrically conductive yarns / yarns for fabrics used in the creation of shielding textile materials.

Textile & Tech

«Textile & Tech» specializes in the creation of antistatic materials without grounding and additional coatings.


«FlexLab» specializes in the development and implementation of solutions in the field of flexible electronics (materials, technologies, devices), thin-film photovoltaics, BIPV\BAPV integrated photovoltaics, electronic textiles and electric transport.


ElTag company specializes in the development and implementation of comprehensive digital price tag systems aimed at optimizing costs and increasing sales in retail stores.


The company «Oxylab» specializes in the manufacture and sale of modified concentrates with antistatic properties for various systems: polymer coatings (polyurethane-cement and epoxy poured floors).

Beer Genomics SPb

Beer Genomics SPb is a biotechnological laboratory specializing in the recovery and cultivation of yeast cultures for craft beer brewing.


Pozvonoq is the developer and manufacturer of Russia's first additive interbody cages.


NewStep specializes in the development of osteointegrative exoprosthetics.

Functional Materials Group

Functional Materials Group is a manufacturer of specialized nano- and micro-powder products for various industries.

CML AT Medical